An Ode to Going to the Cinema Alone

Some people think that going to the cinema alone is sad.
Are they mad?
If they gave it a try
They would surely decide
That this is the way to go.

When they opened the Duke of York’s in 1910
Did they realise it would feel so zen
To geeky loners like me
Who can feel their chi
Quite restored and be awed
By its shabby grandeur?

The stripy legs on the roof bring a warmth to my heart
That leaves me feeling quite apart
From the crowds that throng
Because I clearly belong
In a little world by myself.

Despite the hipsters with their beards and their hair
In the bar upstairs I never despair
That they take up every seat
I’ll happily stay on my feet
With a beer in my hand, in the corner I’ll stand
And wait patiently for the film.

The best bit is when the film begins and the world dissolves.
All of the world’s problems resolve
Because who can care
While such a spectacle is there
For all to see, when all is me
In a little world of my own.




2 thoughts on “An Ode to Going to the Cinema Alone

  1. Brilliant poem. If you look across the room, you will see me standing alone in the other corner..

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