Ritsurin Garden, Shinkoku, Japan

This is beautiful. I love Japanese gardens!


This post contains 10 beautiful pictures of the Ritsurin Garden.

It was raining hard when we reached the garden.

The super typhoon Neoguri has just passed us by, heading towards Osaka and Tokyo.CIMG5534A

The rain was pouring and some of us decided not to walk the garden. For a moment, I hesitated too, as I may be unable to take  pictures in the rain.

But the garden was so attractive that I just couldn’t resist getting into it.CIMG5552

Ritsurin Garden(栗林公園Ritsurin Kōen, lit. chestnut grove garden) is one of the most famous historical gardens in Japan. The garden is situated in the city of Takamatsu and is considered one of its main attractions.CIMG5572

It is a Daimyo’s garden, a garden that was designated as a special beauty spot in Japan in March 1953.

It is the largest, representative “Kaiyushiki-teien” (landscape garden designated for strolling through).

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